Shri @RahulGandhi has asked in a video -why has China acted the way it has recently?

Mr. Gandhi offers four pronged analysis - Foreign Relations, Neighborhood, Economy and Feeling of People!

Before answering the central question, let's examine each of the reasons he gives. 1/10
Factual contortions aside, it is the imaginative foreign policy under Modi government in West Asia which has squeezed out China ally, Pakistan's important support base.

In addition, India's relations with Japan & Australia have built a coalition against China itself. 3/10
In fact, Foreign Policy is one of the biggest success of Modi government. India is today buying S-400 air defence from Russia and at the same time is a 'strategic partner' of USA.

To see India's foreign policy strength just see how world has reacted to Chinese app ban! 4/10
Second, Neighborhood
If only Mr. @RahulGandhi's 'milk and honey days with neighborhood' under Congress were true!

Truth: Sri Lanka gave a port to China while Congress was in power. In fact, a UPA left such a legacy that Chinese submarines were docking in Sri Lankan ports! 5/10
Reversing the tattering relations with its neighborhood, India has been able to significantly wean away not just Sri Lanka but even Maldives from Chinese influence. All since 2014 under Modi government.

With Bangladesh we settled the historic land boundary agreement. 6/10
Third, Economy.
Mr. @RahulGandhi's assertion that economy was somehow wonderful in UPA years is a claim which even his dedicated cadre in English speaking Delhi media would not believe!

Since Mr. Gandhi loves quoting news headline screenshots, here are some for him. 7/10
Fourth, Feeling of People.
Curiously, although Mr. @RahulGandhi mentioned 'feeling of people' as also a determinant, but he did not expand on this rather exotic formulation. So, we can only guess what Mr. Gandhi meant.

Be as it may, some more screenshot for Mr. Gandhi. 8/10
So on the central question on why has China 'moved in now'? Some background.

1) OBOR - every country in the world (including USA) lined up to pay homage. Just one country shot it down - India.

2) India standing up in Doklam.

3) India's rapid infra build up at borders. 9/10
We don't know why China acted the way it did. Perhaps @RahulGandhi, with his personal friendship with Chinese, knows more.

What we do know is that this New India is for the first time standing up to China.The world noticed it and is taking India's lead in countering China. 10/10
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