guys type your usernames without using the first or last rows of your keyboard đŸ˜Œ
now that i have your attention, here's a little thread of what we can be speaking up about instead of these kinds of tweets.
first of all, the anti-terrorism bill. in PH the government is trying to pass a bill (taking effect in 2 days and declining) that basically limits their freedom of speech. ACTIVISM IS NOT TERRORISM !! THIS IS SILENCING THE PEOPLE OF PH.
here are some petitions to sign :
tw // suicide
the next thing i want to address are the hangings that are simultaneously occuring in texas. the media have stated that the hangings were in acts of suicide. there have been about 6 deaths recorded, yet they STILL refuse to state that these were not+
"coincidentally" out of suicide.
they still haven't arrested the killers of Breonna Taylor. they have yet to give proper justice for George Floyd and all of those who were victim to police brutality. they cannot silence us. whether protesting or just making a tweet, a tik tok, spreading the word, signing+
petitions. they will not silence us. say their names, say them as loudly as you can. say them with respect and appreciation.
now i know this thread doesn't cover every situation right now (obviously), if you would like to add to the thread please do so.
end of thread.
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