This is sad and unacceptable. Rape of young girls (not to downplay other 'age' women) by police is being normalised.

Problem origin is seen by that curious law of bringing down sexual consent age.


Am not going to downplay the tough question on if two young people, both underage are caught having sex, it is the boy & his family that suffer.

But reducing the age of consent is a white paedophile network thing.

Stay with me. Risking an account ban with this 👇

Sex with underage girls or boys is a pandemic in the world. Apart from the rape of altar boys that happen inside catholic churches. The other less talked about is that of a global network of oligarchy and elites that involved in sex, child trafficking.

It also touches on Kenya
British and American political elites lead in this sphere and in the capture of now deceased Jeffrey #Epstein. The global elite thought they had shut down the exposé the touches on the powerful, from Bill Gates, to Donald Trump, to Elon Musk to Bill Clinton, even Obama.

Billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was likely killed to silence the US justice system from making leeway and lifting this scandal where the Paedosadist enjoy having sex with children and inflicting pain on them.

One other prominent guy to have been mentioned is the...

...British royal family member Prince Andrew. The prince actually pleaded guilty in 2098 to 'felony solicitation and procuring a person under the age or 18 for prostitution'.

Problem with the word prostitute is that it makes the children responsible for their actions.

Those are not prostitutes, they are kids, underage girls who don't know what they are doing.
They are mostly lured into these rings because the powerful take advantage of (1) broken homes, (2) runaways (3) poverty.

It gets crazy that Ghislaine Maxwell (the lurer), an associate of Epstein is being moved from cell to cell to prevent her from committing suicide like Epstein.

It is a convenient trick that in the likely even the FBI and deep state CIA kills her, they'll blame suicide.

The powerful don't want to be exposed and will go to great lengths to silence the victims and those who have evidence on them.

It is said, Epstein had secret CCTV cameras in all the places that the criminal acts of sleeping with underage girls were being done.

The FBI after a raid on his house following his arrest confiscated most of these materials. Problem is, the FBI has operatives loyal to the Cabal (these Paedosadist).

Just like Kenya, files can go missing.

Like it did, the first time Epstein was caught in the 80s. The file went missing & his court case collapsed, but it was the persistence of the media that ultimately made the issue to get attention

(by media, am not talking about mainstream media)

However, media can be bought
That's where hackers for justice group Anonymous comes in.

Through the #OpDeathEaters hashtags and accounts by such names. They are waging this war and have vowed that no matter how long it takes, they'll persist to have the media start covering this & get more support for...
Trial & conviction of the paedophile ring leaders & all those involved

The central objective of #OpDeathEaters is to "establish independent, internationally linked, victim-led inquiries into high-level complicity, obstruction of justice, & cover-ups in the pedosadism &...

...child-trafficking industries." Its targets are:" Those in positions of power who control or enable the industry, globally"

Search 'Epstein crimes" to read more about the victims and if lucky get a link (because most are removed) to the real sad situation.

So, in Kenya, being a British outpost, you expect such things to be happening here. But where?

First, start with the realization that kids go missing every year and are never found.

Secondly, some ranches (conservancies) around Kenya,. which are strictly controlled by whites...
...those British and American citizens might be the other place to look.

Though there's no much evidence, Anonymous Group named a Kenyan conservationist Kuki Gallman in one of their exposés.


So, which other way do the Paedosadist networks try to escape justice?

(i). Normalize paedophile

British and American elites have had some weird comments about sex with children

(i) continued.

They normalise paedophilia by arguing that children consented. Pushing the narrative that sex is love or that children dont feel harm.

This is false

(ii) . Here is US President Donald Trump

Trump on underage Lindsay Lohan

(iii) These guys are onto something 👇 dark net👉
⚠ Wayfair & child trafficking explained ⚠

This video ties wayfair oddities to China, Haiti, trafficking and ORGAN HARVESTING! This will freak you out. Is this another Craigslist like thing for pedos? ⚠

Having sex with children harms them, consent cannot be given by a child. A child cannot comprehend the subsequent feelings of pain, shame, anger and fear.

These Paedosadist wanna create a traumatized generation for easy to control and manipulation

They normalise bad things, unnatural acts so that we grow to the idea.

Does LGBTQi sound a knell?

Now they are onto incest, to normalise incest. WTF?

According to leaks on Hillary Clinton's deleted emails, Obama had a wild party at the white house that involved Pizza. Check the code word for these things according tor FBI

Read more from the timeline of @OpDeathEaters

Hashtag #OpDeathEaters

Some will argue that the marriage of 16/17 year Olds used to happen in Africa and that's there's nothing wrong with it.

Well, as for I believe that adulthood starts at 23 years old.

Don't wash down the debate

Let us reset this a sad & evil world.

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