🚨🚨🚨 WARNING!!! 🚨🚨🚨
#MKUltra #MindControl #ContentWarning #TriggerWarning https://twitter.com/katyperry/status/368513909147172865
2/ Seriously. PLEASE do NOT read this thread if you could potentially be triggered.
YOUR safety & mental health matters first, & I love you. We'll get through this together. If you're new, just know we've known for years, and we've been waiting for you.

Aight. *cracks knuckles*
3/Who is @shannonwoodward (first tweet) & why is she throwing the CULT's not-so-secret-anymore symbols?

Obvious questions have obvious answers.
How can someone hide in plain sight?
What is it that they need to hide?

Let's go further back & discuss DIAMOND SYMBOLISM, shall we?
5/ "One form of programming that is quite common in the Illuminati is color programming. Why is it done? The answer is that trainers are human, and also quite lazy. Color programming is a simple way to organize systems...

What's a system?
Read this infographic, & proceed.
6/ A SYSTEM in someone with DID (formerly "multiple personality disorder" - stigmatized purposefully to make victims look "crazy" instead of ritually traumatized), is the WHOLE PERSON, made up by the "alters" created to help them cope with their trauma...
7/ A bit more on alters [quick image search, have not fully vetted due to quick research to pump out info faster]

#DID #MPD #EndTheStigma #MentalHealth
8/ "Alters" tend to serve their specific role. Sometimes alters are born from the trauma, but often, they are purposefully created.
Such is the case with those born into a family of intergenerational child abuse/mind control/incest, you name it.. More on DID another thread maybe?
9/As many of you are finding out, Hollywood has slowly devolved into Hellyweird and it seems to be run by the devil himself.
What if I told you it was?
ANYWAYYYY - let's get back to the article, goodness! Enjoying the roller coaster so far? I love teaching.
10/"Color programming is a simple way to organize systems, & allows the trainer to call up alters easily within a system. With the thousands of fragments that many multiples in the cult have, colors is a way of organizing them into an easily accessible group."
11/ I just realized I'm too tired to do tiny text bursts, so here's the EXACT WAY [THEY] PROGRAM OUR CHILDREN WHEN THEY GET THEIR HANDS ON THEM!

Oh, did you know that I moonlight as a #PedoHunter? Just sayin'...
12/ "Metals programming is a type of programming that many Illuminati children are given. Because it is so similar to jewels programming, I will discuss how it is done under jewels. Metals can be from bronze (lowest) to platinum (highest)."

PLATINUM? Hmmmm... #Wayfair anyone?
13/Makes me wonder what #RunTheJewels actually means... 🤔
14/Despite diamonds actually not being as valuable as DeBeers would have us believe, and despite being mined almost entirely by slave labor, so many of the Elitest of the Elite celebs are #Diamond Level.

15/"Over time, with the help of drugs, hypnosis, shock, and other trauma...the child will begin earning its jewels and/or metals, one by one. These will become full alters inside."

I am so sorry for any of you who had to endure horrors like this. Rest assured, NEVER AGAIN.
16/Jewel Levels:
Amethyst -> The first Secret Keeper, never tells.
Ruby -> The Sexual one, often created to please the abuser. Young.
Emerald -> Witchcraft, family loyalty, more secrets. Tween.
Diamond -> High achievement. Final controller. Passed all 12 steps. Loyal til Death.
16.5/I can't believe I actually found this, randomly. Just an example of one of those gut-rumbly coincidences...

"Amethyst is your stone!" - @KylieJenner to daughter, Stormi

Amethyst training typically begins between ages 2 & 3.
17/"Jewel/metal programming are complex, since the child’s sense of 'specialness', pride & status may be bound up in these alters. Rubies, Emeralds & Diamonds are considered “high alters” inside & are used to leadership roles, both internally and externally.
18/"They will often be among the most resistant, & even hostile, to the idea of leaving the cult at first, since they've only known & remembered being rewarded for jobs well done, & have learned to 'pass down' the traumas to 'lower parts' inside."
19/ "They will often honestly not believe they have been abused, and will only remember being petted or being told they were special."

Normal. People. Cannot. Comprehend.

There will come a time (soon) when it will not be safe for [them] to walk down the street.
20/Now, because I just realized I've been doing this thread on the first article I shared instead of the actual one with trigger words (LOL IT ME), I'm going to take a break & finish it tomorrow if anyone is even awake enough to want to keep reading 😜
I leave you with this...
21/Take it slow. It's overwhelming, yes. But don't you see? God's already won. #TheGreatAwakening has been long overdue, & there's just no way Evil will win this time.

Be like the wise snail.
Patient & Determined.

Guard your heart.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
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