seen a lot of ppl sharing that LA Times article of Latinx folks being the highest admitted group to the UC. It's not the W yall think it is. This energy needs to be directed @ uplifting your peers voices who are Black, who are on avg 5% - 7% of admitted
students @ a UC like UCLA or Cal. There are a small group of admitted Indigenous students. And once on campus the programs to retain us are limited. Celebrating diversity for non-Black Latinx is not a W. Not when the same %'s for Black and Indigenous students remain yr after yr
sorry that I don't wanna hear about it, not when this university is treating us like shit yr after yr. UCPD harassing and profiling Black students. You see how easily the UC disposed of grad students during COLA strikes?? This game of diversity won't make them care about us.
constantly see non-Black Latinx, model minority Latinx, and white Latinx constantly center their feelings/narratives on diversity. I'ma tell you it's not the time now or ever. Not when I don't see you putting that energy for Black and Indigenous led student leadership.
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