Today has been a good day. This is gonna be a thread.

Blessed to announce that I passed my renal remediation and I’m officially an MS2. But also here to fight the stigma on remediation. Life happens. You don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time.
Academic competitiveness is part of medical school but it is okay to fail. And it’s okay to learn from those mistakes. I did not fail because I didn’t know the material, but life happened. My electrical pole behind my apartment caught fire right before my midterm.
People get so caught up in whether or not you are successful on the first try, but they neglect to question outside circumstances. We all can be successful but the pathway to success depends on multiple factors. That is a known barrier to minorities in medicine.
From my standpoint, I come from several minority backgrounds: I was low SES, I am an immigrant, I’m LGBTQIA+, and I have medical disabilities (ADHD, GAD, PTSD for psych and Hashimoto’s and Hypoparathyroidism medically.)
These aren’t the worst disabilities to have, but they are definitely not east. And thus, the point of this thread is to say: do not let anyone discourage you from failing and after you fail. You control your own destiny. Keep pushing. You can do this.
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