things jaebeom has done that shouldn't be real but they are— a thread
somebody help JDNSKDKDK
when he puts eyemoles on his plushies
jaebeom b-boying in a skirt
when he made funny faces during the staring contest game with ahgases
jaebeom liking jjp related ig posts
jaebeom commenting on jinyoung's post: oh.... sexy
jaebeom liking this vid on ig srsly how does he find these vids 🤣
when he greeted the ghost
jaebeom vs straws
when jaebeom wrote on youngjae’s photo: “Toshio? (his face) is too white ^^"
forgetting he's in charge of their intro
when he accidentally hit bambam's dick with his mic
jaebeom exposing got6,
scratching his fake butt and shoving it to jinyoung's nose
why does he keep scratching his butt ckcajzjsx 🤦
i felt the love
when he recognized his hometown just by smelling
jaebeom imitating jackson's face on the pc of a fan
jaebeom annoying the dog ccjdjdjfd
when he suddenly gave bambam a wink IM WHEEZING AT BAMBAM'S REACTION
god why is he so annoying
what goes on in his head
i don't know him
just jaebeom showing everyone how he poops
got6: struggling to put the whole spoon in their mouths
meanwhile jaebeom:
memebeom during an interview
jaebeom imitating jackson but ended up failing
name anyone who claps like lim jaebeom, i'll wait
jaebeom pranking but failing
jaebeom pranking but failing (2)
jaebeom showing his missing tooth in front of america
a man of wisdom
honestly is he ok
he literally removed his hair extensions in front of the camera
his face when he saw jyp's pic says a lot 💀
jus2's reaction on the drink they were promoting lmao i stan transparent kings
🐥 you're handsome
🌴 i know
end of thread, let me just plug my jinyoung version of this ❣️ enjoy!
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