The report VicPD wrote to defend their street checks, which they reference here, is trash. They relabeled over 1,000 street checks as other types of stops, and made up "fictitious" street check examples instead of citing typical stops where they're actively policing poverty.
The statement also misrepresents their own data. They wrote that report in response to VicPD data showing 9.9% of street checks between 2007 and 2017 were of Indigenous people (5% of population) and 2.4% were of Black people (1.4% of population).
After VicPD recategorized over 1,000 street checks, they said 6.3% of its 2017 street checks were of Indigenous people and 1.8% were of Black people. But all those initial interactions happened, regardless of what VicPD calls them now. They don't provide stats for relabeled stops
VicPD could give a shit what council says, they’re going to “carry out our duties.” Manak was at the police board looking for "support" for a research partnership with Island Health on Tues; then revealed VicPD had started work anyway; they weren't going to wait for permission.
Indigenous, Black and Muslim people have said they are profiled and surveilled by police in the CRD. Policing is racist; street checks are racist. Ban street checks and defund VicPD.
I tweeted previously about VicPD's street checks report on this thread. #yyj
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