catwoman / selina kyle recommended reading
this is a recommended reading list which means i’m only including comics that rlly enjoyed or think are essential to her character! this list does not include n52 or rebirth bc boooooo 🍅🍅🍅 although her rebirth run does have the iconic joelle jones art if u wanna check that out
☽ the brave and the bold (1955) #197

not essential but this story is so fun
it takes place on earth-two and focuses on bruce & selina’s relationship
☽ catwoman (1989)

!!! huge trigger warning for abuse !!!

it’s her first solo so it’s obviously important but i think some elements were unnecessary so if you want to skip it you can, 1993 catwoman also includes an origin story that i like better
☽ catwoman (1993) issue #0

she has a few different origin stories but i personally love this one the most
this issue focuses on selina’s childhood right after her parents die
☽ catwoman (1993) #1-3, 15-19, 56, 79-84, 89-94

her first ongoing solo!!! & my favorite run just out of sentimentality
it doesn’t give her as much depth as some of her other comics but it’s the run that made me love her character
☽ catwoman: selina’s big score

i’m personally not a huge fan of this comic but it is one of her more popular ones & rolls right into catwoman (2002) if i had to say one good thing about it it’s that it does a great job showing how intelligent, dedicated & patient selina is
☽ catwoman (2002) #1-16, 19, 20-24, 32, 37

br*baker’s run is THE catwoman run it firmly establishes selina’s core values & familial bonds while she’s struggling to become a better person & finding her place in gotham
if you read anything on this list it should be this
☽ catwoman (2002) #50-82

i hate how a lot of this story was handled (men are the worst and shouldn’t be allowed to write things) but this is an essential arc that focuses on selina caring for her daughter helena while holly takes on the mantle of catwoman
☽ catwoman: when in rome

an essential read & so fun but it can be read before/after any of the comics listed
☽ gotham city sirens

it’s not the best comic and definitely not essential but i found it fun
it was rlly interesting to read about the dynamics between pamela, harley & selina
catwoman (2011) #39

this is the only n52 comic i’m including bc it confirms her bisexuality <333 but the rest of the run is not worth reading lmao
that’s the end of this thread! again i didn’t include n52 or rebirth comics bc i personally don’t think they stay true to her character :/
i hope some of you use this list and have fun!
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