the way the avatar writers villainized characters like jet or hama was purposeful and weird and very ill intentioned btw
and the way you guys hate on sokka/katara/jet is bizarre. oomf mentioned this but theres a huge trend in hating darker skinned characters that's really just rooted in racism
combined with the fact that a lot of fans on here sympathize heavily with zuko and azula but not yknow...the colonised and darker skinned characters i seriously do think a lot of you guys need to like check how you feel about and respond to these things
anyways ATLA meant a lot to me as an asian kid. rewatching it now though it's clear it has a lot of issues (orientalism and the politics/portrayal of responses to colonialism) but also the way fans respond to it is just very weird
yes my dn is mai for firelord yes all these points are still true
also while we are here i literally just started lok and the fire nation colonies becoming republic city? dont like it. dont have the words for it but it isnt good
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