The misery of addiction is that it offers a short term solution/escape to/from a deeper problem,

and after engaging in it, it leaves you feeling empty and still reminds you that the problem has not been solved.

Yet, the same short term solution is offered the next day.
It offers the problem as the solution itself.

Your addiction to social media is an indication of a problem with RL interactions.

What do you do? MORE SOCIAL MEDIA.
Your watching porn is an indication of your failure in the dating arena.

What do you do? MORE PORN.

Addicted to motivational speakers, what do you do? MORE MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS.
The addiction has a way of recycling itself by feeding on your weakest emotions.

By feeling despair, misery, and hopelessness, you make yourself powerless against the next wave of engagement with your dreaded addiction.
If you don't stop feeling sorry for yourself, how then can you get the strength to fight it when it comes?

The first step to breaking any addiction is to first stop feeling sorry about it.

Take responsibility. Then strategize.
Get rid of the victim mentality and you give yourself the strength to fight your addictions.

Without this first step, you are liking a sitting duck fighting off a lion.
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