Remember the Children

when you become discouraged, overwhelmed or fatigued due to the evil surrounding you, remember the children...

the children who are right at this moment being used as sex slaves...

the children who are being sacrificed in Satanic rituals...

the children
who are being sold to the highest bidder on the black market here in the US and abroad...

the children who are being repeatedly abused and raped by monsters...

Remember the children.

We are in the war of our lifetime, and one of the goals is to rescue children from the
clutches of evil pedophiles, Satanists and globalists.

While your circumstances may be difficult, keep perspective by thinking of these enslaved children and pray for them.

When the world finds out what these Globalists monsters are doing to the children (and the world will
find out), it will not be safe for the perpetrators to walk the streets.

We will win and take down these monsters. Have faith in God and keep fighting!
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