Minister Chagger & her Deputy confirming the CSSG used a Contribution Agreement with WE & it was not a sole source contract. See below. Chagger states the PM/O did not direct they use WE. The public service recommended it & she accepted it after asking them questions. #cdnpoli
Deputy Wilson states an open call for proposals usually takes several months. They needed to deliver the CSSG before that. That is why ESDC made the recommendation to go forward with WE as it had the capacity, networks and know-how to deliver in the timeframe needed. #cdnpoli
Senior ESDC ADM Rachel Wernick stated: she spoke with WE on April 19 to see what was possible in delivering a youth service program before she & her the team finalized the recommendation to the Minister. After PM announced CSSG on April 22, WE sent her a proposal. #cdnpoli
Wernick: ESDC explored other organizations as well as the Canada Service Corp, which stated it was having trouble delivering its mandate especially given pandemic travel restrictions. Also, ESDC was given 3 weeks to come up with a service program.
Ms Hébert: Contribution Agreement is a performance based agreement. The payment schedule was tied to program activities being delivered. There was monitoring and reporting requirements in the CA, as well audit and evaluation requirements.
Wernick: Context is important. They were working 12 hour days. They were having many conversations at the officials level. She offered to call WE and did so on April 19. In mid-May, Contribution Agreement negotiations began with WE and it was approved on June 23.
Hébert: Calls for proposals aren’y issued for all CAs. Govt routinely works with third parties to deliver govt programs. EG: Red Cross, United Way for other programs. They do it to leverage the expertise of the third parties. Wernick: This was especially so during a pandemic.
Elizabeth May says she really appreciates all the work of the officials, and the long hours they’ve been doing during the pandemic. Unlike other opposition MPs who were just looking for ways to score political points. #cdnpoli #FinanceCommittee #CSSG #WECharity
Volunteer Canada President Speevak now speaking to the Finance Committee as she was invited to share her concerns with the idea of the CSSG. She says she isn’t there to talk about how it was decided. April 24 VC got in touch with Chagger to discuss their concerns with the CSSG.
Wernick mentioned WE had floated another proposal for student entrepreneurship opportunities with the govt, though she didn’t have the details of when and to whom it was provided. She will get back to the Committee with that information. #cdnpoli
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