"abolish the (nuclear) family" seems outrageous at first if you haven't given consideration to it but parents esp fathers can deny children shelter food safety etc without community care or accountability as a safety net because of isolation into family units.
raising kids is hard and way too much work for two people especially who work fulltime and kids need to be around a larger community, all nurturing and supporting them, to learn and develop. the western nuclear family model facilitates abuse and individualism.
it's better for companies and worse for families for their utilities, housing, everything to be paid for household by household, classic example of 20 people would only need one hammer instead of 5 families with one hammer each.
then there's the fact that the format of the nuclear family requires domestic labour to maintain itself which all falls on the woman or if they're wealthy on the maids they exploit to do it for them, also working to feed their families back home.
communal societies and ways of living can and do exist as they have for most of history pre-capitalism. being isolated into little units requires more work and resources than communal living and as a greater schema needs exploitation, plus leaves people disconnected and selfish
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