Some thoughts I've been pondering regarding this #Scamdemic after listening to an expert doctor speak on the matter: Dr. Victory, Specializing in Disaster Preparedness and Response and the Management of Mass Casualty.
So, I keep hearing people like HRC, Biden, and Pelosi screaming about "Science" and how Trump won't trust it? But what I find odd is every response to this #Scamdemic has been the exact opposite of what Science supports.
Lets start with Social Distancing. Did you know that SD was largely derived from a high school students model in a science fair?! "How would you feel if you learned your normal way of life had been completely upended based on a computer model
created by a 15 year old Albuquerque New Mexico High School student named Laura Glass?"
Now, lets look at Herd immunity. What is herd immunity? It is when the population has been exposed to the virus and have developed the antibodies needed to fight off and eventually knock out the virus.
How do you develop herd immunity? By doing the exact opposite of SD! 🤔
You allow the population to become exposed to the virus. You let kids go to school and develop antibodies in order to protect them and others by promoting herd immunity.
On to masks. How many discrepancies have we seen from the beginning from "Top Advisers" like The WHO, Fauci and The Surgeon General? (Example Pics below)
Facts: masks are for the ill or those attending to the ill. Period!
Dangers of masks:
•Masks actually trap particles like viruses which cause you to re-inhale them into your system.
•majority of masks being worn do not allow carbon dioxide to escape and are therefore re-inhaled.
• masks actually decrease the bodies natural immune response, as do hand sanitizers! (Not to mention isn't it peculiar that soap and water kills such a "deadly virus?" )🤔 Example: "your immune system basically says apparently I'm not needed!"
So knowing all of these facts, why then would they be pushing SD, lockdowns and masks??? If we actually followed scientific research and allowed for herd immunity and antibody development without the use of masks, we would be on the other end of this virus by now!
"Considering approx. 80% never even show symptoms and only 10% or so actually become ill the way you might with the flu." More and more it appears that they were purposely pushing the opposite of a normal scientific response to a virus?! Why keep us socially distanced?
So we CAN'T develop herd immunity. Why the masks? So we actually WEAKEN our immune system? It seems logical to assume they were hoping for a second wave? Hoping to shutdown the economy? Hoping to effect the election? (mail-in-ballots)🗳
My point is @realDonaldTrump WAS in fact following Science! So ask yourself...Is it so far fetched to believe that this was just yet ANOTHER orchestrated attempt to weaken America? #FoodForThought #16YearPlan @mitchellvii @RealCandaceO @DavidJHarrisJr @theangiestanton @Scavino45
Another interesting thing, is that the new mandates will be "revisited" in NOVEMBER!!! AFTER the election! What a freaking joke!! Its getting incredibly more and more difficult to understand how people can be so clueless and careless to what's going on in front of their eyes!
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