1) If something is fake, it cannot make u happy + nothing can be faked in BB for 5 months where 150 cameras r watching u.

2) If either party was fake, ur heart wouldn't have fluttered seeing them
together in BB because only pure love can sway ur heart.

3) Sid did not use Sana, the dude was the 1st one to get worried about her during the 1st week when everybody was busy demeaning & bullying Sana & at that time, she had no fanbase so STFU!

4) Sana did not use Sid, she
was the one beside his side & supporting him when his own team members had left him & Asim, Himanshi, Shefali were busy provoking him & Sana was the one who became his human shield so STFU!!

5) Sid was the one who explained Sana to use the BB platform as an opportunity to show
the world who she truly is & put her controversy with Himanshi behind her so, STFU!

6) Sana was the one who told Sid to not react to Asim & give him footage out of it + plus she was the one standing with Sid & Mahira supporting him against the whole Bahu gang so STFU!
7) Sid was the one who had asked Paras that Sana needs to be protected so STFU!

8) Sana was the one who had fought with Vishal for abusing Sid & saying mean things so STFU!

9) Sid was the one who used to listen to her for hours (u cannot fake it) so, STFU!!

10) Sana was the
one who became his human shield (even tho they were at fight) during the chai episode so, STFU!

11) Sid was the one who had told Salman that the whole house was jealous of Sana in so, STFU!!

12) Sana was the one who had spoken & argued on Sid's behalf to Salman saying that
the whole house poked him to make him react the way he did so, STFU!

13) They both used to get sad when they didn't talk to each other so STFU!!

14) Both couldn't sleep properly when they fought with each other so, STFU!

15) Both have had tears in their eyes for each other
so STFU!!

16) Sid was the one who made her realize that she might wanna wait & see for opportunities outside before saying ILY to him in BB as he was older than her so, STFU!

17) Sana was the one who pacified Sid in nearly all fights, got hurt herself & if it weren't for her
calming effect, Sid would have punched someone so STFU!

18) Sid was the one who had explained the game to Sana during the initial days & helped her not fall in Paras & Rashmi thing & Sana was the one who had listened to Vikas Gupta when he said that she needed to put Sid
above her & help him win the game. The girl legit wanted him to win so she went to him & tried her best to manao him so STFU!

19) Sana was the one who massaged his legs the whole night & gave him her own blanket while Sid was the one who massaged her head, hands, & feet on NT
so STFU!!!

20) Both of them have created history in terms of a loveship, ppl around the glob have shipped & cherished them & only true love has the power to do such so, STFU!
Retweet it & STFU!!!
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