Wow, look what I just found. The official (verified) Oklahoma State Election Board's twitter account is Shadowbanned and Ghost banned.
I thought something was odd when my mentions had a reply to the Oklahoma Elections tweet I retweeted but their tweet was unavailable. I went back and the tweet is available, and it's about Kanye West qualifying for the General Election ballot in Oklahoma.
Scroll down to the bottom of the replies to this tweet and you can see the reply tagging me and the OKElections account is still there.
There is also a search ban for @okelections and they don't show up when you type in their name in a tweet. The autopopulate is turned off.
And this:
Joe Biden is not Ghost Banned, and he was effected by the hack yesterday.
Ok now I'm really mad 😡
Don JR, Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump all ghost banned by Twitter.
I'm just going to point out that I'm not currently but I expect that to change 😂😂😂
But wait, there's more!
Update: Someone found an example of a Democrat Committee being ghost banned while the GOP Committee isn't.
Update, JudiciaryGOP isn't locked out of their account anymore and they are no longer ghost banned. Jim Jordan is still locked out and still ghost banned. Looks like Twitter ghost banned accounts they locked out after the hack.
Thread with some theories about what maybe is going on:
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