1/ PSA: It’s likely that in Nov., thousands of by-mail ballots will be rejected for counting, due to various factors that can be prevented. That’s an outcome that we can start working to avoid now.

Here are things to pay attention to, to ensure your ballot is counted...(RT!)
2/ - Turn in ballots WELL AHEAD of deadlines — at least a week before, if possible.

- If it’s close to Election Day, drop off your ballot to an authorized location (office or dropbox) instead of using the mail.

- Don’t forget to include your ballot! (Yes, this happens.)
3/ - SIGN ENVELOPE(S) where required. Some states require more than one signature, on the inside and outside envelope. Pay attention.

- Follow instructions to seal envelopes.

- If in a household with other eligible voters, don’t return more than one ballot in the same envelope.
4/ - After turning in your marked ballot, pay attention to any communications from your elections office & respond quickly, as necessary. Many states (but not all) have procedures that provide an opportunity for voters to “cure“ discrepancies so ballots can be verified & counted.
5/ The pandemic is causing lots of change & by-mail voting will be new to many voters.

It will be heartbreaking if hundreds of thousands of ballots from eligible voters are (unnecessarily) not counted.

Together, we can start educating family, friends, and fellow citizens *now.*
6/ This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. If you care about democracy, then every single eligible voter, regardless of party, who wants to vote should have the opportunity to have their ballot cast & counted.

Please consider re-tweeting & sharing this info w/voters everywhere. /END
P.S. If, after reading this, you’re not sure whether you will vote by-mail, or in-person, here’s another more general intro on how to #MakeAPlanToVote: https://twitter.com/eddiepereztx/status/1298724732892672001?s=21
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