THREAD Part 1: Did Nancy Pelosi send comms with the date of George Floyd's death?

This is a 3 part thread linking the 3 videos in which I believe Pelosi sent these comms.

Buckle up - the ease at which she does this is straight up evil...
2) Video 1: The Infamous Freezer full of Ice Cream

It isn't just the freezer that's packed full.

Verbal & visual comms everywhere.
3) Note the "highlighted" candy.

Also note - the tallest container of candy > suckers.

Slang for candy > something that you need.
4) Verbal comms

"5 o'clock in the morning"
"8 o'clock in NY"

5+8=13 > this will be VERY relevant further on

"connected to the phone"

"started March 4th" > started the march forth

"passed 3 bills in the month of March" > March = 3 > 33 (they do love this number)
5) "it wouldn't be difficult if a decision were made to do so"

"continuing to make that request"

"if we are going to fight & win this we have to define it & we have to know where & who"

"it's just a decision"

"time enough to make the decisions to go forward"
6) "it would magically disappear"

"let's go forward"

"we declare that we must"

"delays are dangerous"

"best minds 24/7" > 2+4+7=13 (again)

"all hands on deck"

"opportunities were ignored"
7) Corden: "relay this message"
"this is what we should be doing"

"not going to pay attention to me"
"he has to hear it"
"someone has to unravel"

"people standing around him acquiescing to it" > exactly what happened with Floyd
8) "we have a responsibility to each other"
"I felt very responsible to speak out more clearly"

"work together"
"aid and abet"

"I've had him on a pedestal for a long time" > ref to Floyd then being martyred

"we cannot enable the danger that the President is causing"
9) "if we're going to defeat this we have to define it"

"NY hospital"
"rain poncho from a Yankees game"

Michael Baden, Chief Medical Examiner of NY city was hired by the Floyd family to do a 2nd autopsy.

NY Yankees took on that name in 1913. Again, the 13.
10) "I'm an intelligence person for a long time - 25 more years" > Floyd died on 5/25

"when you have an enemy you want to make sure that your troops have force protection"

"protect our soldiers on the field"
11) "we're not doing it now" <- important: this tells them the 'green light' will come later & watch for comms

"save the lives of the people that we're talking about"

"mitigation to the damage"

"we have funded the research"
12) "mask mask mask" > mask = 44 = Renegade

m = 13th letter

"manage(d) the supply, the supply chain & the distribution"

"what we need to fight this"
13) "Wisconsin should vote on that day" > ref to the 3rd and final video with the 'green light' order > May 12

"that's their decision"

"won't count on that day but should have a few more days"
14) Remember these from above for parts 2 & 3 of this dig:

May 12

I will post Part 2 of this dig ASAP and get it linked into this thread.

15) Link to Part 2 of this thread...
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