When I lived in Paris, I got to be friends with a Jewish woman named Nicole. She was 4 years old in 1942 and she and her family lived in an apartment building in Paris. Everyone knew this was coming, the "rafles" to round up the Jew. As the rumors built, the non-Jews in her... https://twitter.com/lifesafeast/status/1283764085272858629
...building prepared... they changed all of the names on the mailboxes in the lobby, removing any name that sounded even remotely Jewish, replacing those names with "French" names. They found and created hiding places for all of the Jews who lived in the building.

One day it...
...happened and everyone jumped into action and it worked. They hid the Jews, took care of them, and saved every Jew in their building.

Another friend, Chantal, was about the same age. Her parents were North African but lived in Paris. Her father worked in a factory and one...
...day the police arrived looking for Jews. The foreman said "no, we have no Jews working here" hoping to get rid of the police. When suddenly, one of the workers pointed to Chantal's father and said "aren't you Jewish?" The cops turned to him and asked him his name. He told...
...them. But it was a North African Jewish name and the police didn't recognize it as a "Jewish name" so they answered "no, that doesn't sound Jewish" and they turned and left.

Stories like this abound and too many didn't end so well. Not for 13,152 Jews, 13,152 humans.
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