#Pune is a few days away from a medical catastrophe. State Govt. has failed. I on behalf of every Punekar have written to Hon. PM @narendramodi ji, Hon. HM @AmitShah ji, Hon. MoHFW @drharshvardhan ji, Shri. @Dev_Fadnavis ji and sought intervention from the Central Govt. (1/n)
#Pune District is among the top 3 districts in the country in terms of active #COVID19 infections. The infected patients in Pune Metropolitan Region are rapidly rising and the already overburdened medical infrastructure is on the verge of a major collapse. (2/n)
As per the latest numbers #Pune is currently facing a shortfall off over 200 ICU & 100 Ventilator beds which has led to numerous citizens losing their lives. It is a grim reminder of failure of State Govt to be prepared for much predicted increase in #COVID19 infections (3/n)
State Govt has been misleading people with projections & statistics of preparedness that are far away from reality. #Pune has one of the highest mortality & infection growth rates in India, and till date doesn't have genuine plans for a 10000+ bed #Covid19 Treatment Center.
Administration is banking on & enforcing private hospitals to help with the #COVID19 crisis, which are also stretched to their limits. With daily decrease in beds & facilities available for non-covid illnesses and surgeries the medical crisis in #Pune is deepening rapidly. (5/n)
It has been more than 100 days since we had the first #LockDown, it is unfortunate that even after raising concerns for weeks now, the state leadership has failed woefully in preparing #Pune for this spike in #COVID19 infections as forecasted by most epidemiology. (6/n)
We are 3 days into a 10 day #lockdown which was enforced to disguise failures of the State Government and to buy the administration some time to revamp and rebuild Pune's medical infrastructure and prepare for a future spike in the #COVID19 infections. (7/n)
Leadership that is paramount in times of such crisis is acutely missing. Hon. @CMOMaharashtra Shri. Uddhav Thackeray ji has not made a single visit to #Pune in the past 100 days either to oversee preparedness or even to encourage the #COVID19 warriors (8/n)
Hon. CM @OfficeofUT ji has till date not called for an update or review meeting via phone / video conference with elected representatives of #Pune who are working on the ground during this unprecedented pandemic. Even emails from my office are yet to receive a reply. (9/n)
#Pune is just a few days away from a medical catastrophe. State Govt. has failed on multiple levels. Hence I on behalf of Pune have requested the Central Govt. to intervene and provide support for medical infrastructure that our city so desperately needs. (10/10)
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