The #US is the top human rights abuser. Its ridiculous allegation on #humanrights issues in Xinjiang is the lie of the century.
China has been the only big country to become the 2nd largest economy without resorting to warfare, colonialism or slavery in decades. The past 40 years saw per capita income increase 25 times with 850 million out of poverty. This is the best practice of human rights protection.
The US waged unjustified wars, killing over 800,000 & displacing tens of millions. Racial discrimination is everywhere. " #Icantbreathe" are not just the last words of #Floyd, but many more in the US. Wealth gap hits a record high in 50 years.
What makes #Pompeo think he's on the moral high ground to talk about human rights with China? He should ask how #Floyd, minorities in the US and innocent lives lost in Iraq, Syria, etc. think of the US human rights record.
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