as a palestinian, this hurts & angers me to my core, especially upon seeing praise for this game. my people’s struggle to exist should not serve as “”inspiration”” for a AAA video game. and to depict us as aggressive as our oppressors is more than a slap in the face.
everyone loves to have some kind of commentary on palestine but at the same time refuse to acknowledge that we are real people who have been and are currently being mass murdered. there is a genocide happening that people use for “”inspiration”” for their stupid damn games/movies
i’m tired. i’m so angry. i hate this. i hate that people think this is fine & care more about this stupid video game’s story than our actual struggle to simply exist. we’re real people who have been taken from our homes and killed mercilessly. but creative inspiration tho!
i don’t usually say stuff like this but: if you still support this game after being aware of this, unfollow me, don’t talk to me, don’t even look at me. i won’t be anywhere near people who think it’s OK and somehow JUSTIFIED for us to be depicted as somehow deserving of genocide.
can’t wait for all of this to be conveniently overlooked by the game industry and for this game to sweep the game awards or whatever. love it. love to see it!!!
anyway, hey, i'm a palestinian comics maker, graphic novelist, and games person, and i made a short game (and companion comic) about palestinian past, present, and futures. it's up for free. enjoy, and remember: support palestinian creators, not #TLOU2 ! 
wow, wasn't expecting this thread to be seen so much, thank you all for the solidarity! here's some palestinian creators/cool people you should follow!
-Leila Abdelrazaq (  / @MaamoulPress)
-Marguerite Dabaie ( @mdabaie)
-Nadia Shammas ( @Nadia_Shammas_)
-Hannah Moushabeck ( @HMoushabeck)
-Ruwa Kuh ( @RuwaKuh)
-Randa Jarrar ( @randajarrar)
- @summabis
- @pop_lys

if you’re a palestinian creator/editor/publisher/activist, and i missed you, feel free to reply if you want to be in the thread ❤️🇵🇸
another cool palestinian creator here - @renolunio !!
You can follow @DELTAHEAD_.
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