Why does Artsakh (also known as Nagorno-Karabakh) rightfully belong to Armenia?
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#1: Armenians are and have always been the majority in Artsakh/Karabakh. Official demographic data collected during the Soviet Union reveals that Armenians were the majority for every single census conducted.
#2: Armenians have continuously inhabited Artsakh for thousands of years.

1 - Excavations from Tigranakert city • 2nd-1st century BC
2 - Tsitsernavank monastery • 5th-6th century AD
3 - Dadivank monastery • 9th-13th century AD
4 - Gandzasar monastery • 13th century AD
#3: Armenians are not safe living under Azerbaijan.
The Shusha massacre of 1920 carried out by Azerbaijan resulted in the deaths of hundreds and the destruction of the Armenian half of the city - proving to the Armenians of Artsakh that Azerbaijan would not protect them.
#4: What does this all mean?

The Armenians of Artsakh have a right to self-determination in order to ensure their safety and avoid yet another massacre or even genocide at the hands of the Turks / Azeris.
* It is regrettable that thousands have been displaced during the fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia. We hope that after the recognition of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, that an agreement will be reached and these displaced civilians will be allowed to return home.
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