The Truth Behind The Royal Family | a thread
TW: this thread contains disturbing topics such as p*dophilia and child tr*fficking.
DISCLAIMER: these are JUST a bunch of conspiracy theories, these are not facts.
as we know it, there are so many theories surrounding the royal family, so i'll be talking about the ones i found most interesting. i'll probably include a few silly ones just for shits and giggles, but let's hope i don't drop anything important!
here's a picture of the royal family tree. the royal family has been ruling for 37 generations and 1209 years. they're all descendants of king alfred the great.
the first theory we're gonna get into is the lightest (and a little ridiculous), and it's that queen elizabeth is actually a reptilian shapeshifter. the theory states that the queen gained all of her power because her ancestors
mated with alien-shapeshifting reptiles. david icke was the one to first come out with this theory, saying that he could prove it. he also said that this is why royal families are obsessed with keeping their bloodlines “clean” with other royals
maybe to hide their little secret? he added that elite people always seem to be 'bigger' and 'better', but what if because they're literally ten ft tall reptilians who can shape-shift and their sole purpose is to take over the planet and enslave all the human beings?
now there's no actual proof to support this theory, but so many people believe in it.. approximately 12 million americans to be exact
let's go on to one of the most famous theories out there, the 'theory' that princess diana was murdered.
diana died in 1997 in a tragic car crash in paris. before she died, diana never got along with the royal family.. she was concerned about her safety around them and heavily believed in conspiracy theories. prior to her accident, she wrote a letter which expressed that charles
is planning an 'accident' in her car, where her brakes fail and she crashes, suffering from a fatal or a serious injury so he could peacefully remarry.
not to mention, her bodyguard had died in an accident and she thought it to be a conspiracy against her, as she stated he was her former greatest love.. then he suspiciously dies? she never mentioned who she thought killed him.. but maybe it's because she legally couldn't?
one of the main reasons that people thought got diana killed was to prevent her from marrying dodi, an egyptian muslim, and giving birth to his child as it was rumored that princess diana was pregnant when she died.
they were killing two birds with one stone, they didn't want to be associated with a brown man, and they wanted to get rid of her baby.
mohamed al-fayed, father of dodi (diana's boyfriend), even came out stating that this is what he believes happened as like we mentioned before, the royal family wanted a clear bloodline. they were pro white and would barely accept anyone that wasn't, which may
explain why meghan markle felt uncomfortable and felt the need to detach her family from the royal family as a whole, but we'll get into that later.
back to the pregnancy, diana's body was removed illegally before an autopsy took place. now why would someone, but not just anyone, a princess, be removed illegally without anyone noticing or knowing?
better yet, how could they allow it to happen? they could because they did it themselves to hide the fact that she could've been pregnant. they announced that she was not pregnant and that she had no intentions of marrying dodi, but it could easily be a coverup.
not to mention, diana's only witness also happened to die. the driver was in a white fiat car and was the only car that came in contact with diana's car. but somehow the driver disappeared and was nowhere to be found anymore, and assumed dead.
what are the odds that the only person who saw what actually happened that night went missing or died? it's almost as if they were trying to cover up something and didn't want anyone to out them for it.
later on, they also announced that the car crashed due to the driver's drinking.. but that just sounds extremely weird and out of place. if you work for someone as elite and important as the royal family, would you risk your career and possibly your life by drinking
on duty? if the driver was that drunk, wouldn't it have been at least a bit obvious, especially since princess diana was an important figure? it just doesn't add up. TELL ME THIS DOESN'T LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS HIDING SOMETHING.
princess diana was generally loved and admired by everyone, even to this day. everyone thought and thinks she's a free spirited icon, so maybe the royal family feared she could turn people against them and expose them for who they truly are.
now who are they truly are? that's a good question that leads to our third theory. the royal family is involved in the 9th circle- a satanic, cannibalistic, child s*x and sacrificing cult.
now i know that sounds a bit confusing or weird (for some), but it's not that far fetched.
what's the 9th circle exactly? the ninth circle is an extremely dangerous international criminal secret elite society organization. the royal family, especially queen elizabeth and prince phillip, have been linked to it several times.
it's such a disgusting 'cult'
queen elizabeth and her husband, prince phillip, were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from that school, later on, after parents said they haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the royal couple on oct 10 1964
kamloops school resident, william combes, was found dead after a 2010 radio interview where he claimed that queen elizabeth and prince phillip left the school with his ten friends and other kamloops residents. isn't it a bit weird that the only one who came forward ends up dying?
not to mention, there were two others who had witnessed the 10 children leave with queen elizabeth and prince phillip are said to have died mysteriously. one of the being harry wilson died of brain injury
right before giving evidence against the royal couple and testifying, while the other is said to have committed suicide.
officials say that this theory is debunked because if it was true, this would've made major headlines in newspapers which it didn't.
another incident occurred where at least 34 child mass grave sites were identified in ireland, spain and canada linked to the ninth circle activities. the royal couple refused their excavation and shut down the digging.
34 child mass graves (that was claimed to hold up to 50,000 missing children) were blocked by ‘orders from london’ and representatives of the queen in ontario, canada. if the queen
didn't have anything to do with them, why would she refuse to further investigate them especially when they possibly contain FIFTY THOUSAND missing children? again, something doesn't add up.
a former member of the netherlands criminal drug syndicate known as octopus testified that victims were obtained for human hunting parties. where children and youths were forced to attend human hunting parties where
TW: i forgot to mention, there's the subject of r*pe.
they and other children were r*ped, with some killed, and dead boy’s genitals were cut off. there were four witnesses, confirming this statement, and it stated that the royal couple participated in these "hunting games".
“In 2004 I was an involuntary witness to torture, rape and murder sessions of drugged children performed for a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands” stated an alleged victim.
“I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girl ages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites. The human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guards. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.”
david compan who served the arrest warrant of the royal couple was arrested and drugged, and there was no specific reason as to why he was arrested in the first place.
british crown and catholic, united and anglican church officials ran 80 native residential schools that hide at least 32 unmarked child mass grave sites, yet they somehow weren't found to be responsible for it..
not to mention, the body and human remains found on the queen's estate.
now i did mention cannibalistic. now you may be wondering why it's children that are missing all the time, and that's because the theory states that the couple drink the children's blood to gain youth and stay alive for as long as they are.
that also plays in the satanic ritual part where they sacrifice children to keep them alive and going. take a look at prince philip now, homeboy looks like he's decomposing alive
and the queen is like 200?? (people also say this supports the reptilian theory, because a reptile would need blood to stay in a specific form, and the richest kind of blood would be children's, as it's said to give purity and youth)
would this theory really be that far-fetched? especially since we know prince andrew was involved in a scandal of his own, with the help of epstein and ghislaine maxwell, when they coerced a 17 year old girl into sleeping with him.
in the uk, the age of consent is 16, however, that still is very disturbing considering his age. but let's not forget that epstein was a registered s*x offender and had
multiple child s*x rings, and was involved in child tr*fficking and pimping.
the girl in the picture said that andrew had sex w her multiple times, even tho she was underage.. but why would someone lie about something like this, knowing the power the royal family holds?
the fact that she was 17 and that happens to be the age of consent in the uk, still doesn't make this right in my opinion.
that is all the information i could gather on this theory. i mentioned earlier in the thread that i would talk about meghan markle detaching herself and her family
from the royal family. a lot of theorists believe that this is the true reason why, that she doesn't want herself or her family to be associated with such horrific rituals, and that she didn't get along with the family (due to her being a poc) like princess diana.
to end this on a light note, the fourth and fifth theories are conspiracy theories that i found while researching that i found funny and very?? random??
one is that pippa middleton wore a fake butt to kate (her sister's) wedding💀💀just.. just look at the picture.. the theory is that she wore a fake butt to emphasize or bring out.. her butt💀💀😭
the other one is that queen elizabeth the first was actually shakespeare-
this theory exists because queen elizabeth the first was very into poetry, she was very well educated, and very witty, unlike shakespeare at the time who was thought to be bland, not that knowledgeable, and didn't have proper life experience to write as good as he's known.
the last two theories are obviously jokes.. kinda.. i don't know, you tell me. but yeah! that's all for today's thread, i hope you guys enjoyed it. what do you think?
end of thread ||
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