THREAD: We told the @nytimes that we would be happy to participate in a piece that centers Palestinian queers and the movement we have built. Instead the NYT chose to erase Palestinian queer orgs and interview zionist Israeli gay organization “The Aguda.” 
NYT ignored alQaws’ statement that offers an inclusive analysis of the heated debate. One seen and shared by thousands of people on social media. NYT dismisses our work by calling us “some gay Arabs,” in reference to our critique of Al-Arz donating to an Israeli gay organization
NYT’s erasure of 2 decades of queer anti-colonial organizing in Palestine is unacceptable. The debates and changes we are witnessing in Palestine around LGBTQ issues are the fruits of queer Palestinian labor working tirelessly to engage LGBT discourse in national conversations
The Aguda’s decades of pinkwashing as well as Al-Arz’s questionable donation will not enhance the quality of life for queer Palestinians or stop the colonial violence we face. When will the NYT start centering Palestinian queer voices rather than that of our colonizer?
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