We've been told for years that white people don't have a culture. But now, suddenly, we do have a culture. Because all of this is being decided for us apparently and we're supposed to just go along for the ride. https://twitter.com/ByronYork/status/1283372233730203651
"White people don't have a culture" was supposed to be the reason why it's racist for whites to take pride in their race, even though it's not racist for any other race. But if we do have culture, and objectivity, hard work and family are hallmarks of it, can we be proud of that?
As always with the Left, there is very little connection between one assertion and the next. The arbitrariness is part of the point. You are meant to be obedient and do as they say, even if it contradicts what they just said a moment before.
So the answer to my question above is that whites have a culture when the Left needs them to have a culture, and they don't when the Left needs them to not have one. It really is that simple. Nothing means anything. There is no objective truth. It's all decided by ideology.
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