2. I think MIT is one of the very best universities in the world. Maybe the best. But let me tell you what I witnessed near campus when I was visiting there last fall.
3. I went to grab a coffee with a colleague at the cafe/ sandwich across from MIT's main campus and this is what I saw & heard.
4. A guy at the traffic light across the street in a pickup truck right in front of MIT's main campus, screaming at a woman in a car: "Go back to your own country. Get the 'f' outta here. And go back where you belong."
5. He was ranting and raving for a few minutes, screaming at the top of his lungs.
6. It's not just Trump and anti-immigration policy. It is the climate in America. This occurred next door to MIT's campus, a diverse neighborhood filled with foreign-born faculty & students ...
7. Sure MIT is a great university, America has many of the world's best universities, but there is a point where people stop putting up with all these ugly hassles. We've reached that point.
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