Hey everyone! Hope you all are in good health. Today I want to share with you a little bit of direct-response marketing which I learnt from a book "Instagram For Business" by Kim Walsh. #DirectMarketing #Digitalmarketing #KimWalsh (1/10)
There are six-rules of direct marketing, if you don't know what direct marketing is. It is marketing which focus on getting immediate feed back. (2/10)
Rule 1: Tracking & Measurement. You MUST know where every lead comes from, so you know which of your marketing strategy working. example: If you are using Instagram and Twitter to market your product or service, use a unique landing page and email for each.
Rule 2: Always Have and Offer(s). Gives an incentive such as guide, checklist, templates, video, etc for your recipient in exchange of contact information. Do not sell the exact same price on social media as you do everywhere else. Get people attention with a good deal. (4/10)
Rule 3: always have a reason to respond now. Add a reason to act now using time-sensitives trigger, limited quantities, limited time, or day or time specific. #directmarketing #socialmediamarketing #branding (5/10)
Rule 4: Always have clear instructions on how to respond. Ask your follower what you would like them to do. For example If you like this kind of thread smash that retweet & like button :)
Rule 5: Brand is Important but it is just the first step of a marketing and sales funnel. Start your branding early!! It can be leveraged to develop trust and authority positioning. (7/10) #directmarketing #socialmediamarketing
Rule 6: Result rule. Period. There is no marketing strategy that work for everyone even in the same industry. Everyone has their own best set of marketing strategy. Therefore, a strategy needs to be checked and tracked everyday and we act accordingly based on the result we got.
So, Do you know which your marketing strategy has high ROI? Who has most interest to your brand? If the answer to these questions YES, then congratulation you are doing well on Direct-Response Marketing! (9/10)
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