Might flop, but like this if u want me you give you a song that reminds me of you/ your profile, depending on how much we interact; ✨😔🍷
@tyunluvbot DAY6 - Somehow 🏙
@astrlino verivery - lay back 🕴100%
@blacktancity monsta x - underwater 🌊 don't skip until u are part the chorus u'll see why
@lanzhanbarosan loona - heat or hyo - sober 🍷😌
@blessngwoo would've said 1team - make this cuz it has your vibe 100% but there's a lyric that i dislike so imma go for mino - rocket 🚀
@doiembrie GWSN - Puzzle moon 🌙
@jaenunchi Winner - boom 💥 for the music, but u could do with winner - hold too cuz u'd vibe w the mv 🥴
@clownctzenn Cignature - Assa 🧚‍♀️🥺
Imma take a break cuz i'm going out of town rn so i'll get back to y'all, i'm actually pleasantly surprised at the number of people who joined 🥺
@yonglix9 Jooheon × I.M - BeMyFriend
@cutie_myg TWICE - Girls like us 🌸🍃
@purpleemango BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus but u have a nsfw account so also Ank - Holy water,,😳🤝 jk, Mino - Body
@lebadoaialuijk your vibe is a Gaho - Pink walk 🥂 but i was this close to giving you a minecraft parody cuz
@IiIacmxxn IMLAY - Asteroid ☄🌟
@marytheweirdo Limitless - Dream Play or Seventeen - Left n Right 🚗🌱
@orenji638 Triple H - Feeling 🍾🍸
@n0chuni Gi-dle - Light My Fire ✨🔥
@hoseokspapanasi u are such a BTS - Go Go person i bet 5 lei it's one of your faves from em/ was before u played it too much. Or Stray kids - TMT
@jen0nana Weki Meki - picky picky 🍊🍋 but u have that hidden hard stan side so maybe Soovi - Make the Move
@cinnacrow i StRoNgLy BeLiEvE u'll likr Dreamcatcher - What and Stray Kids - TOP, bet. Also, i'm not sure the song is your style, but it's gay so u might wanna check our Red Velvet - Monster 😌🌌
@winsichengz Bobby - Alien or Day6 - Day & Night 🥺☀️🌙

(i accidentally didn't add it to the thread)
@NotA_Cool_Kid Mamamoo - Destiny or 4x4ever 👑 i feel like reality in black is your style of an album 👀 if not mamamoo then Woodz - Different, no doubt
@jkinthesky this one will be a shot in the dark,, lemme see; Golden child - one(lucid dream), YURI - C'est la vie, dar daca nu kpop, asculta Survive said the prophet 🌇
@rjnkyun i still can't believe how much u used to scare me when when i started following u lmao. Newkidd - Come or B.I - One & Only 👁👁
@jaexuxiwae Oh H we have a multi here 😼 imma take the challenge since u listen to more groups than any other person in this thread so far. Pentagon - Sha La La, cuz it's a combo between Cignature's assa and oneus japanese songs. Also IN2IT - Sorry for my English
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