If you're outside the UK and wondering why it has had such a horrific pandemic, here are two ministers explaining the rules on face masks.

Attempt 1, @KayBurley
Attempt 2 @KayBurley.

If you're now wondering why such a simple rule should be so hopelessly confused, well, someone high up in the gov't was caught breaking it. So, just as with handshakes, lockdown, travel, and now masks, they'd rather reinvent the rule than admit a mistake.
What a shitshow
The net result, of course, is that those who understand their duty to protect others and suppress transmission rates, will wear a face mask everywhere, while those who reject any expert advice as an attempt "to interfere with our rights" have permission to not wear it anywhere.
How the fuck we managed to make a culture war out of medical advice will be the subject of intense study in the future.
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