Thread: How & Why @AUThackeray was named #BabyPenguin. I am an Animal Activist & I raise voice for Animal Abuse. The movement against captivity of exotic species like Penguins started in 2016.
Baby Thackeray decided to bring 8 Humboldt Penguins to Byculla Zoo in 2016 from Seoul.
The first Baby Penguin born died in 2018 immediately after birth. Within 3 months the Female Penguine named Dory also had died. The fight went on & finally the contractor appointed by @ShivSena also gave up. This is absolute cruelty & abuse towards animals. No one took onus.
So called educated youth leader Aaditya Thackeray couldn't understand that they can't survive in Indian Weather that too in Mumbai. They belong to cold coastal belt where the temp is below -50°. The killing of Penguins and New Born Baby Penguin led me to name him as #BabyPenguin.
Now tell me who is wrong here? @thakkar_sameet who just called him #BabyPenguin or @AUThackeray who snatched right to live & abused those innocent lives which died?
I stand firm with Sameet. If there has to be any action taken then it has to be against the spoiled brat Aaditya.
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