Our history books teach us about Gandhi's signature campaigns, like the Dandi March.... What they didn't tell us that every single one of them failed miserably in its objectives. Read on.

Gandhi. The more I read about him the more I realize that he was a Brit agent
1/n Salt March? Massive failure. Started in 1930 with view to ending Brit Monopoly on salt & removing salt laws

This is what we read in school.

What they didn't tell us was that from 1930 (protest year) to 35 tax rates were increased and revenue collection went up by 35%!
2/n The Raj Monopoly on salt? Lmao it didn't end till 1947! So much for the great and famous dandi March. It literally achieved nothing.

Khilafat movement? Resulted in the Moplah rebellion and lead to a big fat nothing.

Then comes his signature,. Quit India movement.
3/n Launched in 42, do or die, full Independence blah blah.
Outcome? By 44 the movement failed & stopped. What of it's objectives did it achieve? Literally nothing. It did strengthen Jinnah because Gandhi asked for Cong ministries to resign which they did and Jinnah literally
4/n celebrated this as a Day of Deliverance (I kid you not, look it up).

Non co-operation movement - Gandhi ordered the Brits not to pass the Rowlatt act. Brits laughed and passed it anyway. Then he started this boycott of British goods. For 2 years protests went on. Result?
5/n Let's look at some numbers,

Yarn Imports (muh Khadi!) In 1920 was around 50mn pounds of yarn.

1923-24 did see a dip and fell to 44mn pounds.

1924-25? 52mn pounds of yarn!

The British allocated some RS 150 crores for the rehabilitation of railways, and of that gave a
6/n contract of some 2 crores to Tata to produce 3k wagons.

The balance? Went to British companies.

Indian Iron and Steel (owned by Burn and company UK) got 50l worth orders

Caramel, Laird & co got 15 c worth orders

Kerr Stuart and Co got 60l worth orders
7/n Totally some 80% of this fund went to videshi companies.

It was not until 1927 that tariff barriers were imposed but why? Because cheap Japanese Yarn was putting both the Bombay Mills (mostly owned by British capital) and Lancashire out of business.
8/8 In essence except for the Kheda Satyagraha which was a resounding success, every single one of his big ventures, so hyped by Indian post 47 historians were disastrous failures.

Not even one met even 10% of Gandhi's stated objectives.
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