1:So I just got done talking to a close relative that works for a local hospital. He told me that they have 100 hospitalizations but most of them are coming back positive for the cold and they are counting it as covid 👀 zero death rate.This hospital is the so called ghetto
2. He even went as far as to tell me that most nurses aren't even scared anymore and that they even go maskless into rooms 👀 if it was so contagious why would they do that? One nurse allegedly got covid and described it less painful then the flue👀 he did say that they did
3. Had to use the surgery room to fit more alleged covid pantince. He said most of them have really mild symptoms and the the elderly do have a way harder time getting better but zero death as of now. Thank God for that part
I talked to another close friend of mind who is a nurse in our high end hospital and he told me that they are only treating 2 patients for covid 👀 why the huge disconnect in numbers and cases. Are they sending all the poor patients to the "ghetto* one 👀 sure seem like it
Why would the high end one only have 2 patients and the "ghetto" only have 2 patients? It's a little odd no?
This report is based on account witness. I refuse to give up the identity of my resources. I refuse to be the reason they get fired... I'll end this thread by saying #chrissyteigen is a pedo change my mind! #TheGreatAwakening #wakeup #WakeUpAmerica #COVID19 #coronavirus
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