Since there's many confusion about the snow. I m here to present my pov here about this matter. Its kinda funny to see jkkers and tkkers fighting over a chunk of snow but anyway... So Jk climbed the mountain and brought a chunk of snow with hi+
Tae saw it and he was astonished that jk climbed the mountain and brought a snow with him(cause its not an easy task to do). He even snap a picture of the snow with jk. Jk offered tae to hold the snow. But tae refused+
To hold it cause he was cold. Now there's where all the confusion begins. Some tkkers r saying "jk wanted to give it to tae but tae rejected it"but don't u think its a bit heartless for tae to do such thing. Like the boy climbed a mountain, brought a chunk of snow a+
And he's giving it to u but u refused cause u r cold? Tae wouldn't do that and would've appreciated the hard work jk did and accepted the snow. But he didn't cause it wasn't for him. Its enough to know jk wasn't giving the snow to tae. Now if u see the video u can tell jk was+
Outside and when jm came he immediately stood up and excitedly told jm about how he climb up the mountain and brought a snow. When jm came out jk gave the snow to jm instantly. And jm accepted the snow. So I think it clears the confusion pretty much.+
Don't cause any shipwar under this twt. Cause if u do whether u r a jkker or a tkker I will bl0ck u. JK gave the snow to jm end of discussion.
Here's the full clip
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