I am an aspiring game designer. That is my career plan. That is what I'm going to school for.

But with the way things are going now, and how toxic the gaming community (both ends of it) is for Zionist Jews like myself, I am incredibly nervous.

On one hand, you've got the far-right/white supremacist gamers who will balk at pretty much anything made by a Jew, let alone from a staunchly pro-Jewish (and *gasp* Zionist) perspective. Not that I would want their support anyway.
On the other hand, you have the more "progressive"/social justice minded gamers. You'd think I'd fit in better there, right?

Well, no. They're just as antisemitic and toxic as the far-right. In fact, their views are often impossible for me to distinguish.
Take the forum ResetERA. I was a member there for a time. They claim to be for tolerance and firmly opposed to all forms of racism, including antisemitism. Yet my experience there, as a Zionist Jew, was horrifying. After only a few months, I logged out and never returned.
Both ends of the spectrum combined make me wonder if I really have any shot at all, given who (or more specifically, what) I am.

Or will I be canceled from the get-go?
To say that ResetERA (and probably most of the "left" gaming community in general) is hostile to Jewish/Israeli point of view would be a crushing understatement. I don't care how many token Jews they can line up in their defense. The antisemitism I saw there was very real.
Just typing out this thread makes me nervous. I am liable to get harassed (assuming anyone sees this), and that is not something I am looking forward to.

My hope is that anyone who does see this will take the time to actually listen, instead of gaslighting me again.
When I was on that forum, I was harassed, told I should kill myself (on one of the ResetERA Discord chats I was in), called a racist, a Nazi, gaslighted and met with hostility whenever I tried to talk about antisemitism.
And when I tried to ask for more Jewish representation in games (because let's face it - there's next to none), I was met with more gaslighting and "huh? Jews are white. They don't need representation".

We're not white. We're indigenous Levantine. And we do need representation.
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