Ok, it's thread time. So first off, I am as optimistic as ever that we need to continue to pressure, criticize, and stay atop and battle everything we can from this government. This thread is under no means to communicate that I'm deterred or giving up. Second, to all the
medical professionals we have living and operating in this province, we love you. People who feel like attacking you right now about wages etc aren't worth their weight in anything. It takes NOTHING to repeat uneducated, dishonest, jargon from an unqualified for Minister of

Next, and this is a DISCLAIMER:

Any doctors that see positions available in Alberta for vacant health care positions, don't take them. I'm warning you. This will save YOU heartache, it'll remove unnecessary leverage against our current doctors, and as a bare it all
moment, Alberta IS part of Canada but CURRENTLY it's being run like a desolute hellhole. You don't want to move here. Knowing our government, your potential employer, if they don't like you they'll probably threaten to tear up your contract, come to your house and yell at you,
likely in a racially charged fashion (Mr. Bunning we see you) and then threaten to have you deported. You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. We have a destructive, ideologically driven delinquents running our province presently. If you think about the saying "the inmates
running the asylum", that applies here.

Ok, so to start, and I can't beat this drum enough.......our government is a disaster. And here is my daily "Fuck you UCP". So I made a comment earlier about the lack of intelligence that this government exudes in how they govern. For
the hundredth time I was corrected as "they have a plan.....exactly as they planned it out.....etc etc" To clarify, I'm NOT contesting that they have a plan. What I'm saying is no person conducts themselves in a destructive manner or goes against the norms or the accepted while
drawing as much attention as they can to their actions. If you'd like to contest that, I'm all ears. I'll tell ya, if I wanted to watch TV as a kid and I knew I was grounded, I'll tell you what I WOULDN'T do prior to watching TV. I WOULDN'T notify my parents about it. I
WOULDN'T do it when they were home. I WOULDN'T watch it with my siblings. NOTHING to draw ANY attention to it. That seems like it would be far more wise, and this is generally understood.

Now, some of the news of the day is that @Shandro is trying to prevent doctors from
leaving. What a government we have. So first, lets crap all over those that care for us and our health. Lets lie about them, besmirch them, deliver changes ON TWITTER, and then double down and do it all over again tommorrow. Then, to have the audacity to try and make it
illegal for them to quit? Wow, you have it all figured out UCP, don't you? So lets wreck the province, lets disrespect ALL Albertans and defecate all over some of our most respected professions and then put a call out to attract those same professions to our province. Sounds
like some sound logic, right? I understand that doctors are articulate and often well spoken and non offensive, but on behalf of those who you continue to punish and expect loyalty back from, FUCK YOU UCP! If it wasn't for people in far worse health than I, people in fragile
situations whether expecting a baby, fighting COVID or anything else dire that jumps to mind...............i'd LOVE to see the doctors give the proverbial middle finger to the government and pack it in. We'll see how well thought out this is. How well this, "we'll order up
replacement doctors like a happy meal for our kids" idea works out. This babylon app is a nightmare (well publicized). This government doesn't have it figured out. I mentioned earlier that I believe a major fracture is coming. The proverbial "straw that broke the camels back",
"The fat lady is warmed up and ready to sing". If doctors abandon us, especially in the midst of a pandemic, to make a point........it'll be received. This is the most direct attack on Albertans by a government, and there is no interpretation needed. A "General strike" was
mentioned at a recent rally I attended and by the response from those in attendance is something that there is an appetite for. I also saw a video as posted yesterday about something in the UK of the citizens storming, I believe to be the governmental building, as a direct
pushback to oppressive moves by their respective government. I was told after that it was teachers and health care workers that composed the move. The line is being drawn in the sand. This government believes that it has every angle worked out. I'll tell you something. Human
behaviour is not NEARLY a perfected science. They are walking on a VERYYYYYYYY fine line. There is blood in the water. Albertans, you need to all be ready. We're not partaking in a jousting match with a swimming noodle. We have plenty of reason to be pissed off, and we
better be ready to posture up and go when the time comes. We're reaching a critical juncture and I know there are many out there who REFUSE to be oppressed. There are WAY more of us than there are of them. We can't sit back and be disrespected. Continue to rally. Continue
to educate. Continue to support one another. We're not being had, we're not being taken. We're here to fight, and fight we will. Fuck you UCP and your RWNJ, crazed evangelical bullshit theories. You and your treasonous leader can go to hell, and Albertans will tell you how to
get there. Piss off degenerates, there is no place in Canada or the world for you regressive cretins. #CollapsetheUCP #Albertansareready #WeWillFight #EnoughisEnough #DefendDemocracy
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