Ok... The #WayFair and #WayfairGate buzz Abt #wayfairchildtrafficking seems to be dying down to some degree, but I had a theory occur a few days ago that I've sat on. Just gonna throw it out there to the #DigitalSoldiers and #QArmy and get y'all's take ( #Thread )
2. So we saw the posts of the #Wayfair furniture and how the names of the outrageously priced furniture (and pillows) were "named" real names. Then, that was cross referenced to missing children with the SAME names and spellings.
3. Then, someone happened upon the same on other sites: WalMart, Amazon, Etsy, etc. I mean, a few times... Sure, coincidence. But how many times before a coincidence is mathematically impossible, right?
3. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about articles and reports I've seen over the years re: posting your children on the internet via Insta, Twatter, and FB. More recently focused articles about apps like WhatsApp, Snap, and TikTok and their connection to #ChildTrafficking
4. The premise is pictures on these apps can be used to geolocate you and your #children and snatch them for nefarious purposes. While with the latter set of apps, it's about grooming the children themselves to get them to willingly participate or run away into #ChildTrafficking
5. it really does happen and has happened. When I was on TikTok I reported countless #pedos trying to lure and groom young teens. It was getting crazy during #QuarantineLife. There were adults who dedicated their content solely to exposing these #perverts.
6. While I'm getting ready for work, I'm listening to the latest Pardon My American podcast. This is the one right after #WayfairGate broke into the Twitter sphere. Aside: Those guys are fun. I highly recommend streaming it on YT or your fave podcast app to listen to their banter
7. The podcast ends and this theory pops in my head: WHAT IF THESE SICK PEOPLE ARE PLACING ORDERS FOR SPECIFIC KIDS? Let's go down the rabbit hole of my theory, shall we?
8. They scroll various hashtags to find what they're looking for. Ages, girl dad, boy mom, phases (newborn, toddler, teenager). They find the child they want and scroll posts to determine a name for their prey. (Usually parent has it in the post they find or one close to it).
9. Through some means they (themselves or thru cronies) locate the child's likely whereabouts: befriending the parent, other posts to indicate town of residence, tax bills/property records, geolocation, post tags, etc.
10. It's really not hard at all. Social media is a prime tool (and far cheaper than a PI or private process server) for locating hard to find defendants when you need to serve them papers for a lawsuit. Ask me how I know 😉.
11. So, they've located the victim, they have a name. They obtain the lat/long of high probability of the child being there. Then they place their order through Premium Wayfair. It's put on the site to advertise to the snatchers. Maybe as the pillows? (Explained further down).
12. They snatch & once obtained, they notify the buyer through whatever means and update the listing or remove it. Say one child was obtained, but they aren't interested anymore, the child stays listed. Until someone else is interested. Wouldn't want all that work to be wasted...
13. Now, the pillows theory: the numbers, etc. Correspond to the location. The name is the name of the child. So they, again through WayFair Premium, place their order. Then, once the child has been stolen, they add the child's name to the furniture and remove the pillow.
14. Then, they communicate to the purchaser the child is available. And the child is purchased (or not). They keep the same name so they know they're getting what they ordered by searching for the missing child and checking the provided photo.
15. Now, i can't remember where, but I know there was a meme and I think @X22Report hit on it in one of his casts on YT that there was a pillow on Wayfair with Naya's name and the length/width of the pillow was the lat/long of the lake where she "went missing"
16. Wait, was that confirmation of my theory? They use pillows on Wayfair to place orders? And apparently not just for #ChildTrafficking but also for their #KillShots #Suicided #GoneMissing orders, too?!?
17. Lemme throw another hit to ya. Mike Lindell, #MyPillow, & @POTUS . Yeah. What if all the My Pillow pus wasn't just abt PPE, pillows, and jobs? What if it was Q+ sly way of nodding to the QAnons to look for comms Abt pillows or that pillows were going to be a big deal again?
18. Now, I certainly have no sauce on this theory. I like analytical/critical thinking and to do so outside the box. I may be way out there with this. But I thought I'd share it with the #Qarmy made up of #DigitalSoldiers and see what y'all think. So, what say you?
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