Okay, it's time for a thread, the first thread since I came back from hiatus.

Buckle up fam.
1. We need to have a serious conversation about the election. Most of you, myself included, are down on @realDonaldTrump and for good reason.
2. Every single time @realDonaldTrump promises us action, we get blue balled. Wall prototypes to slatwall fencing. EO on birthright citizenship, no more military paying for sex changes, watering down immigration ban, and now bailing on the foreign student online learning ban.
3. Before we go into depth about what to do, we first need to understand where we've been. During the 2016 campaign, people like Milo and Ricky Vaughn were knocked off Twatter, Trump's SC campaign office was bombed, and folks at Trump rallies were beaten.
4. Our expectations were simple regarding @realDonaldTrump. We fully expected him to utilize his office to protect his supporters, and then to follow through on his three tiered campaign promises:

Free Trade
End Foreign Wars
5. We should have known right off the bat that we got fucked with a dick big enough that an elephant could feel it when the Marxist crew shut down the Milo event by force at UC-Berkeley.
6. Milo has nothing to do with whether you like him or not. That event was the first event where @realDonaldTrump supporters were attacked when @realDonaldTrump held the power to do something about it.
7. @realDonaldTrump could have ordered the entire UC federal funding to be placed on hold until UC held Milo's event safely. He could have told the Governor to either send the Guard into protect the event or he would federalize the Guard and do it himself.
8. @realDonaldTrump chose to do nothing. Marxist learned at that very moment that @realDonaldTrump was all talk, no walk, and it wasn't much longer that we started getting caravans coming from Mexico.
9. Now, with three solid years from that point, what did you do to prep yourself for the violent Marxist assault that was obviously coming. Most purchased guns and ammunition, the most basic thing you can do, but did you do anything else?
10. Did you try to find neighbors or frens IRL near you to go to the gun range with so that when your community is on fire you have like minded frens who might stick together with you?
11. Did you go to any MAGA meetups so that you might find people who would be willing to stand with you IRL when shit hits the fan?
12. You didn't, and now, we're boxed in. For better or worse, you're boxed in to having to vote for @realDonaldTrump, not because he's worthy of your vote, but because the Marxist mob is at your door and you're woefully unprepared.
13. If they'll come at you like this when they're out of power, wtf do you think they're going to do to you when they're in power? And you're totally unprepared. You need @realDonaldTrump to buy you time to get your act together.
14. Now, for the things you can do about the situation. Use whatever tools are available in your area to meet others who are on your side.
15. Start organizing. Get serious about it, but make no mistake, Republican politicans will sell you down the river faster than a Kardashian can add a line to CoalFax.
16. The left, by their vile, yet effective, display has taught you some valuable tactics that you can learn from. When "Republican" leaders sell you down the river, take a page from the leftist playbook.
17. When @SenatorBraun wanted to end qualified immunity, why weren't we on his doorstep protesting him with chants of "Grow A Pair."
18. Steve Bannon was right. They're not just going to give you your country back. You're going to have to fight for it.
19. Most of these jackasses we elected are some of the sorriest excuses for men. Look at Grinder @LindseyGrahamSC. He's had sex with an army of male prostitutes who are threatening to come forward despite him making them sign NDA's.
20. Why do you think the left has funded his opponent so lavishly and why do you think Grinder @LindseyGrahamSC is already talking about an amnesty deal for illegals?

It's because he doesn't want the laundry out.
21. If you want these asshats to live up to their promises, you have to make them as scared of you as they are of those who pull their strings. You have to stay on them like a fly on shit.
22. And them protecting you ain't going to be enough. These Marxist mobs will come for you. You need to get strength in numbers. Look at the McCloskeys in St. Louis. They stood alone.
23. If the McCloskeys entire gated community had stood up or even 20% had stood up, the Circuit Attorney would have shit her shorts in lieu of sending the cops in with search warrants.
24. You have to start taking responsibility for the actual ground conditions as you find them. It is no longer enough to be a digital warrior and make cozy memes.
25. I like a cozy meme as much as the next frog, but you have to move on to fry bigger fish, and if you're going to move on, y'all need to learn some teamwork.
26. I saw too many on our side celebrate when Ricky Vaughn, Milo, and Alex Jones got banned. When they come for one of us, they come for all of us.
27. You don't have to personally like anyone the Marxist mob comes for, you only have to understand that when they get one of us, it's one less person standing between you and the mob.
28. To summarize, you're stuck with @realDonaldTrump, start harassing the hell out of our elected officials until they do what we put them into do, organize, and be prepared for the worst.

Pepe Out.
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