1/ I'm annoyed by this article. Because the real reason anyone supports the PAP is because they're more satisfied than they are unhappy with the current system. It's as simple as that. Let's not dress privilege up as something that it isn't. #GE2020 https://www.ricemedia.co/current-affairs-commentary-ge-2020-why-i-support-pap/
2/ This writer calls out policies of the opposition as populist, simply because they don't cater to his class or material concerns. He calls their ideas divisive, because he doesn't see the causes of their constituents' views (like rising inequality) as real or material.
3/ "The thing I fear the most is factionalism and polarization of Singapore’s society." But what this writer doesn't seem to get is that social divisions don't exist in a vacuum and don't come from people wanting to think differently for vague ideological purposes.
4/ Our divisions and reasons for diverging come from REAL and MATERIAL differences in how we experience society — because of our class, education, race, sexual orientation or otherwise.
5/ People who want to avoid division and are 'risk averse' are just people who benefit the most from incremental change and the status quo. They think it isn't necessary for us to reconsider our way of life (because they're not the ones falling out of the boat).
6/ Worse, they try to delegitimize those who would go against their views as risk takers (who support flawed policy) or those who promote social division (with polarising ideas), when in reality, those divisions were already there as REAL and MATERIAL inequalities. /rant
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