ICYMI yesterday 45 wiped the floor with #JoeChina and Kansas has been trolling the sh*t out of Xi 🤭🤫 @BenKTallmadge @RevisitedRick @BabeReflex_8 @SidtheKidd87 @610America @BrandonHathaw12 @MissiWhite4 @We_Have_Risen @theconservador
😂Pooh has been banned from China because people said Xi looked like him. Here is Kansas' new dog toy. https://twitter.com/mikepompeo/status/1283197610757632001
A few punches at the dims for incentivizing child smuggling. Worth noting where many of these people come from....
Re Guatemala https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1228676580907659265
Honduras THREAD. Don't be lazy! ⬇️ https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1066353510571286529
Back to China.....listen to 45 here 😜
Why did the #MockingbirdMedia not report that our Navy countered Chinese drills in South China Sea July 4th weekend?

Why did I have to locate footage from foreign media?
Who controls US #MockingbirdMedia? 🇨🇳 #EnemyOfThePeople
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