Alien Q digs
Good morning Homosapiens
Something big is happening
Remember when POTUS posted "mounumrnt" incorrectly
You can see that R is where E should be
So to go from R to E you need to go BACK 13 places
Look how he frames M and S
To Confirm we had this EPIC media thang today
I wanna point out some things about it.
First of all Youtube is banning it everywhere, I had to go off site to find it, so you know its full of codes for us
So the presser is about smashing MS-13
Now look at the cast of characters:
Director of FBI, US Attorneys, AG Barr, DEA, ATF, ICE, Prison Bureau..
POTUS calls them "crimefighters"
A Super squad
And who heads this program/operation?
John Durham Junior
Baby Punisher!!
He symbolises Big Daddy Punisher
This is really about the INCOMING PAIN from his Dad

POTUS is telling us MS-13 has been smashed
And that Durham stuff is incoming
Then he has a msg for us:
PEDOWOOD is going down.
Did you catch it.?
Go to 10:53 ish in the video
First he gives the 5:5 to let us know comms are incoming
THEN he double drops the term "Central Casting". Why twice?
To make sure he hits the 10:55 marker
5:5 = do you see whats going on?
"Central Casting"
Copy that?
He does 5:5 with his hands twice- around 10:50 to 10:55. Coms received.
How can we be sure we are over the target?
1. Twitter Blue Checkmarks down (coms taken down to eliminate in app coms between bad actors)
2. Qmap down (darkness yesssss)
3. Other Q sites operating VERY slowly
Ask yourself Why do only DS users seem to be affected?
Remember with Q down, we need to be looking at POTUS, Barr et al's coms more directly as in the past when Q is offline the whitehat players like POTUS step up their game to keep us busy
Big news from Big Daddy Barr coming soon
Dem ties to MS-13 coming soon
So, something big is definitely happening, or most likely already happened
Eyes on MS-13
Eyes on Pedowood
Game on.
Thank you for playing
Your friendly neighbourhood Alien
Remember this from Q 3 years ago- MS-13 has always been a priority- they are the kill squads of Killary and the Dems.
Fuck it Im still goin
Length of video 1114 lines up via search on Q posts to THIS
Im calling it early
I think we are going to have a RBG death announcement which will open the way for Loretta to be exposed
You heard it here first peoples
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