I’ve asked the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta ( @CPSA_CA) to recommend changes to strengthen the existing requirements for physicians changing their practices to mitigate the impact on patients. 1/6
The CPSA already recognizes this concern, and this is something I’ve tweeted about in the past.

CPSA’s existing “Advice on Job Action” cautions members against leveraging withdrawal of services in their own interest, depending on the circumstances. 2/6
I’ve asked @CPSA_CA to suggest amendments to their Standards of Practice to ensure patients are protected, by setting conditions for physicians who announce or implement changes to their practices.

This is in addition to the existing requirement of 90 days’ notice. 3/6
The suggested changes would not ban physicians from changing their practices, or penalize them for doing so.

They would balance the right of physicians to change their practices, with due consideration of the impact on patients and communities. 4/6
Other provinces, including Ontario, BC, and Nova Scotia have these kinds of conditions in place. 5/6
Which include things like:
There’s nothing secretive about this letter. The CPSA is now consulting on this matter and will bring back recommendations.

As the letter says, the College of Physicians and Surgeons will provide the “substance and form of my recommendation.” 6/6
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