Positivity check. Here is a thread of what is on the horizon in terms of technology. Of the glorious future we could have if we don’t descend into chaos. Of what is theoretically possible with today’s current technology, of what is being currently worked on, and then some.
Let’s start with the current year. We have SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet. First global internet coverage initiative. Expected to bring in $20B a year in profit, or about the same as the NASA budget. Elon wants to use this to fund Starship dev, moon base, Mars colony.
Next up is the Boring Company tunnel in Las Vegas. The first of its kind, once completed later this year, it’ll go into operation January 2021. This will be the foundation to a Las Vegas wide underground high speed transit system with the hopes of other cities hopping onboard.
Moving on to Tesla, we have the CyberTruck coming out between now and 2021, as well as the Roadster 2, and Tesla semi. All of them fully electric. Roadster will do 0-60mph in, wait for it, 1.9 seconds, and that’s the base model. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate sustainable energy
Back to SpaceX, this time to the Starship project. Starship will be the largest most powerful rocket ever to fly in human history. Even beating the Apollo era Saturn V and its Soviet counter the N-1. Best part, Starship is 100% reusable. This means middle class prices to space.
The implications of middle class passenger & cargo prices to low Earth orbit are HUGE. Starship is opening up a new era of human space flight, economic activity & civilization that we havent seen since humans first ventured out of Africa 200k years ago. 1492 doesn’t even compare.
Test flights of Starship prototypes are going to go on all summer & fall, with an orbital test flight hopefully in early 2021. First crew to Earth orbit probably around 2023. Moon and Mars landings after that. Expect anything from massive space telescopes to space stations & more
Small outposts will start on the moon and Mars, these will later grow into cities as the scientists and industry employees have longer and longer stays.
Back on Earth however, by mid 2020’s, we should have these Uber SkyPorts as well as at least one Hyperloop functioning somewhere. Uber is making flying taxis and a few companies are working on 700mph high speed maglev trains that run through vacuum tubes, ie Hyperloops. 700mph.
Moving on to the 2030’s. Moon and Mars colonies should at least be in their infancies. Probs closer to the late 2030s if not 2040s. Large caverns can be dug out with Boring Company like boring machines, another epic Elon Musk crossover. Guys onto something here folks.
While we’re on Mars, it’s only a hop away to the asteroid belt. What can you do there? Hallow out an asteroid with those same boring machines, spin it on its axis and create artificial gravity. New forms of governments and culture will arise from these.
Back in Earth orbit you could build rotating orbital space stations with the resources found on the moon and asteroids. A fraction of the fuel to lift this tonnage from smaller gravity wells.
Jeff Bezos did a presentation back in May 2019 showcasing his vision for space colonies that he wanted to create with his rocket company, Blue Origin. It all starts with reusable rockets and lunar resources.
By the 2040’s, if we’re already this economically advanced, no reason NASA can’t start doing bolder things, like sending humans to the cloud tops of Venus (because they’d melt on the surface, 800 degrees F) or going beyond the asteroid belt to the gas giant moons or to Mercury.
By this point we would have asteroid mining and nuclear powered rockets prowling between the many human outposts and colonies throughout the inner solar system, shuffling people and cargo, while NASA exploration missions would be probing the outer solar system for our next leaps.
By now we should def have nuclear fusion, which would practically solve climate change overnight. Safer than nuclear fission reactors, creating 0 waste, and using hydrogen as fuel, the most plentiful fuel source in the universe. Fusion could power human civilization for millennia
If the Earth’s oceans weren’t enough, fusion fuel could be found on the moon, Mars, or the gas giants. Gas giant fuel mining. Nothing humans can’t crack. We’re apes than can travel in space and colonize other world’s after all. Nothing is impossible.
And once we have fusion, what does that mean? Well that means we’d be able to make fusion rockets. Travel anywhere in the entire solar system in days instead of years. Talk about being a multi planetary species. With this size economy, there could be free luxury housing for all.
So what’s NASA going to be working on by this time? With all this limitless energy and money. Warp drive. Yes it is theoretically possible. In addition to having massive particle accelerators to produce exotic materials, anti-matter, and more.
Mars would be super lit by then. It’s own architecture, dialect, culture, cuisine, you name it. Maybe even partially terraformed.
But how can we live to see all this? Luckily there’s anti-aging & reverse aging startups that already exist. Life extension via genetic engineering can also be done & dont forget Neuralink. Death could soon be obsolete, or postponed long enough for you to travel the universe.
Cities on Earth could even look like this if we don’t let the far left destroy them.
Or like this.
What about life in the home? Robotics, AI & electronics should’ve all advanced to the point in which we could have things like, home aids for the elderly or children, robots that can cook meals, wash dishes, order groceries & run errands, or even clean. In fact, Roomba exists now
By this time, mid/late 21st century, NASA could very well be sending its 1st humans to our nearest star, Proxima Centauri. A 3 star system 4 light years away w/ at least 1 Earth sized planet in the habitable zone & a few more theorized. Warp drive could make that trip in weeks.
Now if Proxima Centauri is weeks away, then that means there’s at least a few hundred star systems within a few years round trip away, and thats just with iteration one technology. Imagine the entire new world’s we would have to explore or vacation in.
We could colonize these worlds too. Eventually we’d even start a penal colony for criminals to give them a second chance at life & leave them a guidebook to see if they can follow the rules before being allowed back into this eternal human kingdom of the heavens. Wait a minute.
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