What is going on in Armenia, a thread! please read will only take a few minutes
Armenia and Turkey/Azerbaijan have been in a war for decades now. In 1915 1.5 million Armenians were killed during the Armenian genocide. Emphasis on genocide because they had no resources to fight for their lives. Not simply killed but raped, drowned...pt.1
...decapitated, burned, pregnant women’s children cut out of their bodies and killed in front of the mother and murdered under the most inhumane circumstances. Since then Armenians have been fighting not only for their land but their right to live...(pt2)
Currently Armenia is an independent country, along with Nagorno Kharabakh who voluntarily announced their independence in 1992. Both countries residents are NATIVE ARMENIANS. (pt3)
People say but the genocide was so many different ears ago why do you still talk about it, well recently in 2016 Azerbaijan started yet another war along the border of Nagorno Kharabakh which lasted 4 days and ended with many casualties (pt4)
during this time azerbaijan’s troops would sneak into armenian villages and kill any and every civilian they could, cut off their heads take pictures and upload these to social media, this once again shows they haven’t changed, the war hasn’t ended (pt5)
there’s nothing to forget when this keeps on happening. On July 12th, at around 12:30, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, for reasons that are not clear to us, with UAZ vehicles attempted to violate the state border of the Republic of Armenia in the Tavush direction.(pt6)
After an appropriate response the Armenian side, leaving the UAZ car, the enemy troops returned to their positions. At 13:45, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, using artillery fire, tried to capture our base, but were thrown back with casualties by the Armenian troops response.(pt7)
since then there has been an ongoing war, with casualties. Azerbaijan claims that Armenian troops are bombing their villages and civilians, however and I quote(pt8)
“the Azerbaijani military used civilians as shields, placing artillery close to the village of Dondar Gushchu in the Tovuz district about 10 kilometers (six miles) from the border.” pt(9)
“The Azerbaijani side has surrounded its own population with artillery batteries, making them a target, and then complained that the Armenian forces fired in that direction,” she said on Facebook where she posted images of the Azerbaijani artillery around the village.”(pt10)
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Also for those saying Armenia doesn’t have history, culture etc. this is for you https://twitter.com/goliathdagreat/status/1283559808847638528?s=21 https://twitter.com/goliathdagreat/status/1283559808847638528
& let’s not forget that Armenian veterans, from Kharabakh & Armenia, men and women from our diaspora are enlisting to fight if we need more troops to protect our people, meanwhile in azerbaijan anti-Armenians are protesting demanding war to “retake Kharabakh” (pt11)
& they’re not asking to go to war go their people none of their people live in kharabakh, they’re asking to go for land, where reside ARMENIANS, they’re asking to go to war to murder those that live in Kharabakh exactly the way they did in 1915(pt12)
obviously this will not happen, thanks to our heroic soldiers. But both sides will have many casualties. So, please SPEAK UP, DEMAND CHANGE, STAND WITH ARMENIA 🇦🇲
As mentioned below Kharabakh is also known as Artsakh, officially referred to as the Republic of Artsakh
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