Im will say this again. Not living on the Rez or not knowing your culture doesn’t make you any less indigenous then the people that do. Indigenous people that are reconnecting with your nations please be kind to yourself, this is our Journey to self healing. Dont let white/ndn
People define you. Our culture and who we are were ripped away from us. Be thankful you know your culture. Some of us are trying our hardest to reconnect. I use to be very self conscious. I still don’t have my tribal card.
I felt like I had to prove something but you dont. I’m probably more in touch with my ancestors then some ndns. You are still Indigenous. Your ancestors are calling you to reconnect with your people.
And to the yt passing/white people who want to claim being native. Understand your privilege. You want our culture and name but dont want the oppression that comes with it. I dont know now many times.
People come up to me and tell me their grandma was full native. There’s no such thing as “full native”. You make it harder for actual indigenous people to reconnect.
You dont understand the hardships and trauma people on reservations face. There’s a false narrative that is going around that people get “money” but that money doesn’t take away
How small our population is and we are not included when people talk about justice and uprising. Indigenous people are sexualized and fetishized but at the same time oppressed and abused. Our culture is constantly appropriated by everyone.
They literally try to kill indigenous people on the Rez. Giving people Filthy water and lack of resources. It’s just like people that live in Poverty what they do to Black folk (some reservations)
If you are trying to reconnect. You need to learn your history and understand some privilege you have for not claiming the indigenous side or experiencing the trauma your people faced and still do. I can’t remember how many times my mother was beat
Or treated horribly because she is native and hella looks like it. Both me and her fetishized for the way we look. It’s a process and Journey. I wish you all the luck in reconnecting with your people and culture.
Lmao my mf spelling and grammar I do not proofread my tweets
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