1/ A couple nice charts here from a big Houston hospital system. First: admissions seem to have peaked after a sharp rise in June (the chart shape is very similar to the Arizona data). Second: 500 more total admissions than the April peak, but only 100 are ICU...
2/ Here’s the overall data, after 4 months. 217 deaths so far from 11700 positive cases. 80% of hospitalized cases discharged so far. A 2% case fatality rate. Now, some currently hospitalized folks will die, but remember actual cases outnumber positive tests at least 10 to 1...
3/ This is very similar to the overall trend in the Sunbelt states - infection fatality rates in the 0.1% to 0.3% range.
4/ Fact-driven Journalism! Try it sometime. It’s fun and easy.
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