I was already aware but it doesn’t suck any less to hear from colleagues that, no, they don’t and really haven’t spent multiple hours each morning dealing with admin.

If you’re wondering why your disabled students have no/few publications, dealing with access issues takes time.
I’m talking I spend between 1-5 hours dealing with university on access issues pretty much every day that I’m on campus. That’s not counting the hours of emotional energy it takes to deal with these issues, or the increased impact over time.
I’ll add that this applies to abled colleagues.

The other huge part of this is the requirements to get recognized as disabled on campus in the first place. The DX requirement is especially harmful. Now is probably a good time to bring up the barriers BIPOC students face here.
(Spoiler alert: barriers to access on campus are compounded by racism on campus and in academia...barriers to access in medicine [ahem your DX] are compounded by racism in/by medicine and white disabled community)
So yeah. You probably have no idea who your disabled students are and whether they are getting what they need. And uh publications...check in and see what’s up if your student has none and try not to sound condescending when you ask them.
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