Congressman @RepFrankLucas, my name is Zoe Midyett. I am your opponent in November. I am not AOC, Pelosi or the Hollywood elite. I am an Oklahoman who feels left behind by your partisan politics. #Election2020
As your next Congresswoman, I want to introduce and co-sponsor legislation that helps everyone in District 3, regardless of party affiliation. And not just the big income earners, but all of us.

For too long, sir, our district has had no effort from you.
You voted NO in the last 30 days on:
- HR 1425, a bill that establishes the Improve Health Insurance Affordability Fund which will be used to issue reinsurance payments to health insurers and to reduce out-of-pocket costs for qualified health plans offered in
the individual health insurance market;

- HR 7301, a bill that appropriates $100 billion for emergency rental assistance programs and extends the CARES Act eviction and foreclosure moratorium through March 2021;
- HR 51, a bill that authorizes the admission of Washington, District of Columbia into the United States as a state.

I am curious about what you vote yes on that is for the good of District 3?
Therefore, I am challenging you to a debate on September 1, 2020. This date coincides with the Cherokee National Holiday commemoration of the Trail of Tears.

Looking forward to it, sir. #Election2020
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