A short thread about College Park in Toronto. 1/
The park is designed around a skate trail. Here are people on benches in the summer looking at… the skate trail. An empty concrete expanse. 2/
They are gravitating to the centre of the park, which is also where children want to play. But that centre is cut up into many awkward smaller zones. 3/
There are benches here, designed to be impossible to sleep on, which are miserably uncomfortable. No one is sitting on them. 4/
All of those smaller planted & hardscale areas are poorly detailed and look like hell. 5/
The most interesting space in the park is this mound, which is clearly not intended to be walked on. People are walking there anyway. 6/
Let’s not even talk about the architecture of the one building here. 7/
Here’s where the money ran out. 8/
This has been hailed as a success because it is full of people. Well, thousands of people live in walking distance of here and any park on this location would be busy. 9/
This is a major city park that was years in planning, and it is remarkably bad. Downtown parks are critically important and need to be designed by better landscape architects, properly paid, and with adequate construction budgets. 10/10
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